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Upper Cervical Care

Upper cervical care is a practice specialty beyond general chiropractic care. After doctors complete their formal education and training as a chiropractor, they continue their education by studying the upper cervical spine in-depth. These post-doctorate courses give doctors advanced training specific to upper cervical spine care in human anatomy, biomechanics, radiology and neurology. Because of this extensive training, less than one thousand doctors are certified to practice upper cervical care.

Unlike traditional medicine, upper cervical care protocol aims to correct misalignment, so the body has time to recover and heal itself. We believe that rather than treating an injury or illness with prescription drugs that mask pain or surgery to eliminate interference, better results are achieved by emphasizing prevention and optimal health.

The main difference between upper cervical care and general chiropractic treatment is that upper cervical care does not rely on drugs, therapeutic sessions, or orthotics to address personal injury pain or chronic health conditions.

A Nation Plagued with Chronic Health Conditions

In the United States today, we face an epidemic of chronic health conditions - from high blood pressure to diabetes. Despite rampant prescription of pharmaceuticals to treat these conditions, we continue to see numbers of chronic health cases rise.

Two large factors contribute to this trend:

  • over-prescription of pharmaceuticals to manage symptoms instead of treating the cause
  • lack of preventative health care to catch these conditions before they become a full-blown issue.

Not only does this cost people thousands of dollars in doctor’s visits and prescriptions, but many of the pharmaceuticals carry their own adverse side effects. More drugs are prescribed to treat these side effects and the cycle continues.

Through prevention, many of these symptoms, conditions, and side effects could be avoided. However, while our current healthcare system is extremely skilled in crisis care, it lacks in preventing the long-term illnesses that plague the population today.

An Alternative Solution to Managing Long-Term Health

Many Americans are pushing back on the over-prescription of drugs and are seeking alternative forms of medicine to manage their long-term health. Many looking for more natural ways to care for their health have turned to upper cervical care.

Upper cervical doctors firmly believe in the innate ability of the human body to heal itself. Our bodies naturally know how to function efficiently – and want to do just that – but that requires proper communication between the brain and the rest of the body.

By ensuring there are no roadblocks in the communication pathway, upper cervical care allows the body to function the way it was made to function. Ultimately, this can lead to almost-immediate relief of minor symptoms and improved long-term overall health.

Find out more exactly how upper cervical care uses natural techniques to prevent chronic health conditions promote overall health.

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