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Treatment Benefits of Upper Cervical Care

Upper cervical chiropractic care is a form of chiropractic care that involves adjustments of the upper two vertebrae, the axis and atlas. These vertebrae form a bridge that connects the neck to the head and control the nerves that carry information from all parts of the body to the brain. Chiropractic care that focuses on these two areas specifically has several key benefits.

Decreased Pain

One of the ways the body shows a subluxation is through pain and inflammation in the affected area. When the body's nervous system is not communicating well, it triggers a pain response. Upper cervical chiropractic care helps eliminate this pain by properly aligning the top of the nervous system so messages flow more effectively through the body.

Better Sleep

When the upper cervical area is in proper alignment, the nervous system is able to communicate as it should. This results in better quality and quantity of sleep for many patients. The added benefit of less overall pain also increases the amount of quality sleep. Since over 60 percent of adults in America suffer from sleeping problems a few nights a week, improving your sleep could have a huge impact on your overall livelihood.

Better Moods

Upper cervical chiropractic care can help improve overall moods. Proper alignment of the atlas and axis helps control hormone levels, resulting in fewer negative hormones, like cortisol, and better levels of mood-boosting hormones, like dopamine, for a better overall mood. Less pain and increased sleep also help improve your mood.

Fewer Colds and Flu

When your body's nervous system is properly functioning, your immune system will be better equipped to fight off the viruses and bacteria you are exposed to. In fact, one study found that long-term chiropractic care increased an individual's immune system strength by as much as 200%. This means that you will likely have fewer bouts of colds and flu. When you do get sick, your body will be able to fight off the sickness more effectively.

Fewer Prescription Drugs

When the body is functioning at its best possible level, sicknesses that require prescription drugs are far less common. This means that people who pursue upper cervical chiropractic care often notice that they need fewer prescription drugs, hospital visits, and doctor's office trips.

You want to feel your best, have plenty of energy, and ward off colds and other sicknesses more effectively. Consider upper cervical chiropractic care to experience relief from these conditions for yourself.

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