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Why on earth would anyone choose to be a chiropractor?

8.12.2018 - Author: Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Spartanburg

Maybe, if youre honest, you've had this thought once or twice. Maybe you've even asked a chiropractor. Maybe, you've wondered if I've ever asked it?

I mean, why would I want to be the "weirdo-back pain-psuedo doctor" kinda guy?

Don't worry. I don't and I'm not. I chose to be a chiropractor for many reasons. I am a doctor, just not in the way that most people consider a doctor to be. I don't prescribe medications. I do however, educate. I do work with the power that made the body, as I believe it can heal if given the opportunity and right support. I don't think it's my job to tell the body how to do what it was designed to do. I work with the body to allow it to heal. If the body's ability to heal is directly proportionate to the health of the system that runs the immune system then I step in. I look for normal and abnormal. I was trained to correct the latter with respect to the "normal" despite all of the systems traumas and stresses.

The study of life is biology. The study of disease is pathology.  To name that disease is diagnosis. To find it on film is radiology. To find it in lab is lab diagnosis. To palpate and find the inteference in the spine (which blocks it's ability to take care of itself) thats the art of Chiropractic. To understand it's effects is the science. To know that the body will ALWAYS do better if the pressure is off the nerve, that's the philosophy of Chiropractic. To have studied all of this makes me a doctor. The fact that I respect that the body knows far better how to correct it self than I do, makes me the weird guy. Oh, and the spine is in the "back" so it makes me the back pain doctor.

BUT, if I were to to remove that spine and put it in someones arm, I would remove the interference the same... would you then call me an arm doctor? "Hey, look at that "weirdo-arm pain-psuedo doctor". I don't think so. 

And hey.. if you learned anything reading this, that means I'm a teacher. By the way, a doctor is a teacher. Don't just take my word for it :Doctor Means Teacher,” The Journal of Medical Education, 1951;2:125–129. The word “doctor” is derived from the Latin, docco, which means“to teach.”

... and I'm grateful for the moments I'm teaching and the moments I'm helping someone to heal.