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About Upper Cervical Care for Children

Usually, children - and adults, too - find upper cervical adjustments to be pain-free. However, some young children may be surprised by the sudden adjustments and cry for a short period.

A number of signs may indicate that your child could benefit from upper cervical chiropractic care. You may notice your child's head consistently tilted to one side, restricted head or neck motion, or difficulty nursing at the breast on one side. Chronic earaches and headaches are among other common symptoms that your child may need chiropractic care. The only way to know for sure is to have your child examined by a professional chiropractor specializing in upper cervical care.

As soon after birth as possible, and then have them checked periodically as they grow up. You could not possibly give your child a better gift than to make certain that the one organ of the body that controls all of the other organs and body functions, the brainstem, is doing its job without interference from the tiny bone just below it.

Children's spines are susceptible to misalignment just as adult's spines are. The many falls that come during their adventures as children, whether learning to walk or simply playing, are enough to cause spinal subluxations. Some infants even acquire subluxations as a result of the trauma of childbirth.

The risk of a child suffering a permanent injury from an upper cervical chiropractic adjustment is extremely rare. Your upper cervical doctor will take precise measurements and extreme care when working with your child.

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