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Personal Injury Relief

Enabling Bodies to Heal Themselves

Personal Injury Relief

Unlike traditional medicine, upper cervical care corrective protocol aims to correct misalignment, so the body has time to recover and heal from a personal injury. We believe that you can achieve better results by emphasizing prevention and optimal health rather than treating an injury with prescription drugs that merely mask pain.

The main difference between upper cervical care and general chiropractic treatment is that upper cervical care does not rely on drugs, therapeutic sessions, or orthotics to address personal injury pain.

Is Upper Cervical Care Right for You?

Many people seek care from an upper cervical provider for physical injury relief. Most people will sustain some sort of physical injury in their lifetime. When you experience chronic pain as a result of physical injury, you may wish to seek alternative care for relief so you are not on potentially addictive medicine for long periods of time.

The following groups more commonly experience physical injuries and may benefit from upper cervical care.

  • People with injuries from auto accidents, workplace incidents or sports trauma
  • Children – especially newborns and toddlers
  • Pregnant and post-partum women
  • Anyone working or living in a high-stress environment
  • People exposed to toxic chemicals
  • Patients taking certain medications for chronic health conditions
  • People participating in sports, especially contact sports, like football, soccer, basketball, baseball, wrestling, martial arts, etc.

What to Expect During Care

Whether you have pain in a limb, feel discomfort from a back injury, or have overall aches from a car wreck, realigning the atlas and axis reduces interference and allows your body to heal itself.

All bodily functions require clear messages from the millions of nerves originating in the brain stem. When your top two bones are misaligned, your organs, tissues, and muscles may not perform properly.

We apply a holistic approach to personal injury relief, which considers trauma and toxins that may impact spinal alignment. Our non-invasive approach is specifically calculated to help relieve each patient’s unique physical injury.

  1. After gathering your history, we’ll take precision x-rays to identify exactly how much adjustment is necessary to realign the top two vertebrae in the spinal column – the atlas and the axis.
  2. Your doctor will also take measurements to determine if one leg is “shorter” than the other, check your pre-adjustment vertical pelvic tilt and pelvic rotation, and look for other body distortions.
  3. Adjustments are typically delivered as you lie on your side with your head positioned on a headrest. The pre-adjustment measurements allow your doctor to precisely position the headrest for maximum comfort and proper alignment. The alignment correction doesn't require heavy pressure or the typical twisting associated with general chiropractic adjustments.
  4. After the adjustment, you’ll be given some time to yourself to allow your body to respond to the adjustment. Then, you will be post examined to make sure the adjustment corrected the misalignment.
  5. Your doctor will create a specific plan of care for you to return for periodic checks to be sure your vertebrae are staying in proper alignment and to adjust you when needed.

Many people notice postural changes and reduced pain immediately after the adjustment. However, you may need to have additional adjustments periodically for continued relief of your physical injury pain. It is good to note that your health condition didn’t occur over night – unless of course you were in an accident – and it will take the natural course of time to heal itself.

If you have suffered a physical injury and are seeking alternative care to manage your pain, please contact our office to schedule a consultation to see how upper cervical care may benefit you.

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