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When it comes to seeing your chiropractor the question isn't: What about my low back pain? What about my neck pain? OR What about my headaches? Though we understand that is often what brought you in to the office in the first place.

The real question is FOR YOU, not FOR US: What kind of communication from your brain to your body DO YOU PREFER? Sick and scrambled messages to your vital organs, muscles, and cells OR health messages that allow your body to heal and function as it should?

The body is programed to perform and work. Unfortunately we experience a lot, A TON of stress affecting it's ability to do just that - perform, heal, work, function..

Dr. DD Palmer said it best, "Disease is the abnoraml performance of certain functions; the abnormal activity has it's causes." Stress is a BIG contributor.

Guess what the answer is to that?

Getting your spine and nervous system checked. I do just that, every day!

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