Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Boiling Springs Discusses the Rising Number of Spine Problems

Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Boiling Springs Discusses the Rising Number of Spine Problems

chiropractor for low back pain in Boiling Springs

Back pain is an overwhelming problem for thousands of people. In fact, according to statistics, up to 23 percent of individuals worldwide develop this condition at one point in life. The latest reports also suggest that the cases of reported achy backs have significantly increased through the years. As your trusted chiropractor for low back pain in Boiling Springs, Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Spartanburg wants to keep you abreast of the latest trends and statistics. This could paint a more accurate picture of your situation and how you can get rid of your mild or severe low back pain.


Crucial Back Pain Statistics: Things You Need to Learn

We’ve rounded up some essential low back pain statistics in and out of the country.

  • Chronic low back pain has a lifetime prevalence of 70 to 85 percent.
  • Low back pain is among the leading reasons why patients seek medical assistance.
  • Companies across the world lose up to 149 million work days due to low back pain.
  • The condition also accounts for the third most common reason for surgical operations and the fifth for the most usual complaints of people admitted to hospitals.
  • Low back pain often goes hand in hand with other debilitating conditions such as peptic ulcer, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus.


Chronic Low Back Pain Demographics: A Quick Overview

Besides knowing a thing or two about the statistics and trends, it’s equally important to learn and gauge your risks for the condition. This way, you can better prepare or manage complications and plan helpful interventions with your go-to physician or chiropractor for low back pain in Boiling Springs. Below is a short list of all the usual demographics of back pain, along with risk factors that you must know about.

  • Aging can significantly affect one’s chances of developing chronic low back pain.
  • Contrary to popular belief, even younger individuals can develop an achy back. 
  • The symptoms can either stem from muscular or neuropathic pain. 
  • There are instances when low back pain manifests as a secondary symptom to problems such as kidney stones and renal failure.
  • Many reported back pain cases due to hernia, infection, tumors, osteoporotic fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, or inflammation.
  • Compromised posture due to trauma, accidents, and cerebral spine misalignments can affect the lower back muscles, nerves, and joints.
  • Long hours spent sitting at one’s desk can result in significant low back pain.
  • Several lifestyle factors can increase one’s risks for chronic low back pain. These include following a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and consuming excessive alcohol.
chiropractor for low back pain in Boiling Springs

Common Low Back Pain Intervention and The Future of Pain Management

Low back pain management and relief have come a long way. Back then, patients primarily relied on medications and massage therapy to alleviate the achy feeling they experienced. But, nowadays, several other remedies have opened up opportunities for an improved approach to low back pain and its potential root causes. Some examples of the things you can try include the following:

Massage therapy

Deep tissue massage can help release tension buildup, especially along the neck and spinal column. It also helps boost the production and release of feel-good hormones that might come in handy in fighting off the pain caused by your condition.

Digital rehabilitation therapy

This approach involves using remote communication-based interventions and technologies to help patients control their low back pain better. According to a 2022 study on digital low back pain rehabilitation, the technique can significantly reduce discomfort when used alone or with other methods.

Surgical intervention

A few reported low back pain cases require surgical intervention because they stem from a bulging or herniated disc. Certain procedures like laminectomy and microdiscectomy are sometimes the only way to remove mechanical pressure on the irritated nerves, muscles, and other tissues adjacent to the problematic intervertebral discs.

Lifestyle modifications

As we have established above, certain lifestyle choices can increase your risks for recurring low back pain. That’s why, it sometimes helps to make a few changes to your daily routine. For starters, we suggest drinking enough fluids to keep your discs in optimal condition. We also suggest skipping products like tobacco, cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages. On top of that, we recommend including the following things in your weekly low back pain care checklist:

  • Mind your sitting posture
  • Be sure to avoid sitting for long hours
  • Say yes to food products that fight inflammation
  • Avoid products that you are sensitive or allergic to
  • Strengthen your core muscles and make it a habit to stretch in between long work hours

Blair Chiropractic

This uniquely designed Upper Cervical Chiropractic protocol helps fix problems in the C1 and C2 bones. Studies prove that it can help with a plethora of issues that essentially develop because of a compromised spinal structure. Many patients who have tried this remedy swear by the fantastic benefits they enjoy after completing their Blair Chiropractic care.


It’s Time To Call a Chiropractor For Low Back Pain in Boiling Springs

Low back pain doesn’t need to define your life and dampen your chances of enjoying things you love. We at Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Spartanburg are your partner in safeguarding your spine’s optimal alignment and quality. Guided by our passion for natural and holistic healing, we can help you identify specific areas along the neck that have changed because of slight discrepancies in your C1 and C2 alignment.

Book an appointment with Dr. Scott Baker or Dr. Margaret Shreve. You may reach our team using our online contact form. We would be happy to provide you with high-rated Upper Cervical Chiropractic care methodologies like the Blair technique.


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