Dr. Hrebien

Close up profile of Dr Hrebien, a chiropractor

Dr. Hrebien came from Charlotte North Carolina, after life changing experiences in ministry work, He found his passion in helping and serving people. He found that one of the best ways to achieve this was to pursue a career in the healthcare field. Dr. Hrebien began his academic studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to pursue a bachelor’s in biology. Where he published research articles in Nano-biochemistry and worked in local hospitals. After spending years working in the medical field, he found that his true calling was in chiropractic. He found that this profession was a powerful way to help patients express their innate ability to heal through the chiropractic adjustment. Adjusting the spine and putting pressure off a nerve. Thus, allowing for the nervous system to aid in the healing process. So he strived to receive an intensive education in chiropractic. He attended Sherman college of chiropractic and became an Ace intern, while also completing certifications in chiropractic techniques such as: Activator, Thompson, and Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Hrebien is passionate about health, faith and helping his community. He loves his multicultural family, which exposes him to great foods and fun experiences. He is very active in Sherman College of Chiropractic, reaching out to the next generation of Chiropractors to serve with integrity and passion for the profession.

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