Dr. Cynthia Baker

Dr. Cynthia Baker smiling

Hello Community! Dr. Cynthia and her husband Dr. Scott reside in Inman SC. They moved to the Upstate in 2008 and opened Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Spartanburg in May 2012.  They have five adult children and three grands. She loves working in her vegetable garden, hiking, walking, motorcycle rides, traveling, and meeting new people. Dr. Cynthia and her family are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There is something more powerful than us that guides us through this mortal journey, and connecting to that Deity is vital for her.

Dr. Cynthia serves Moms before they are Moms; during pregnancy, little baby spines, and beyond. She is a Pediatric Chiropractor and is Webster certified which is a specific chiropractic analysis. Mom and baby get the most benefits from this analysis by helping Mom through her Perinatal and Post Pregnancy seasons as well as her baby’s brain development after birth.

Dr. Cynthia loves her Chiropractic Community, she is an advocate for you living your best life while you are on this journey. The biggest expression of you began with your nervous system the moment you were conceived. That expression of life is at its best when your brain can talk with your body without there being an interference to that communication. You are here at the most amazing time in history, information is at your fingertips within seconds, but navigating through it can be challenging because we have stopped listening to our Innate, our gut feelings, our guiding voice. It’s still there. 

This is your journey; she is here to help make it a little better!

Dr. Cynthia continues to learn the latest developments as there are constant changes to our developing brains in utero. She is passionate about working with little spines and has extensive post-doctoral training in Pediatric Chiropractic. She is inviting you to reach out and chat about how this is possible and what it looks like.

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