Why is Subluxation is a big deal?

Subluxation robs the body of it’s ability to focus, organize, think, and heal. When subluxated because of a physical trauma (slip or fall), emotional stress (you probably have one or two of those examples), or chemical toxin (ever experience the stress of a strong cleaner, candle, or perfume), the environment of the body changes.
Whether it’s the communication of the brain in to the body or the body back to the brain, the messages can become distorted. Research conducted by Dr. Suh found that the weight of a dime on a spinal nerve decreases the function of the nerve by up to 60%. How can anything work at it’s best with only 40% function? What if that’s around our brain stem? What about the regulation of our bodies homeostasis: hormones, temperature, respiration, heart beat? We can’t heal in the same environment that we get sick in. Getting adjusted changes the environment. It removes the interference to the nervous system, which then communicates more efficiently, works the best it can.

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