Tips to a Healthy Heart

February isn’t just a month to celebrate love, but a month to celebrate the whole heart. Did you know that February is American Heart Month, focusing on cardiovascular health and wellness?

Each year, over 800,000 Americans suffer from a heart attack. Of these, 600,000 individuals will experience their first heart attack. While heart issues have historically been found among older adults over the age of 65, younger Americans are also dealing with cardiovascular issues.


What is Leading to Heart Health Issues?

What exactly is causing hundreds of thousands of Americans to suffer from cardiovascular related issues each year?

While genetics and heredity may play a role, there are a number of behavioral risk factors associated with poor heart health. Unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, alcohol, and tobacco use are leading wellness choices that increase the risk for heart issues and disease.


Tips for a Healthy Heart

It’s time to focus on your heart health this Valentine’s Day and beyond. While some hereditary risk factors exist, there are, fortunately, ways to proactively keep your cardiovascular system in check.

Choose a Heart-healthy Diet

Choosing healthy foods can go a long way in heart disease prevention. Choose heart-friendly food options that are low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Select foods high in omega-3s such as salmon, tuna, or trout. Enjoy lean meats that are 95% lean or greater. Start off your day with eggs and incorporate other heart-healthy foods such as nuts, seeds, soy products, and legumes in your daily intake.

Get Moving

You don’t need to run a marathon to engage in healthy activity. Aim for at least 30 minutes of daily activity such as walking, jogging, hiking, light cardio, dancing, or other activities you enjoy. The heart is a muscle that needs to be exercised. Engaging in activity helps to keep your heart active and healthy. 

Avoid Tobacco Products & Excessive Alcohol Use

One of the best ways to prevent heart disease is to remove tobacco products from your daily routine. Speak with your healthcare provider about ways to reduce and discontinue use or find healthier alternatives.

Manage Stress

Daily stress and anxiety can increase blood pressure, leading to heart issues down the road. Find proactive ways to manage stress and stop heart issues in their tracks. Mindfulness exercises, yoga, or simply taking a few minutes to quiet your thoughts can help to reduce the noise of the day-to-day. Take time for self-care and activities that you enjoy.

Get Good Quality Sleep

Are you waking up feeling rested each day? Ensure you are achieving a healthy amount of sleep each night by evaluating your evening routine. Go to bed early, limit screen time and blue light use before bed, and avoid caffeine in the evenings. 

Get Checked by Your Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Did you know that upper cervical care can promote a healthy heart? Your upper cervical chiropractor actively promotes heart health by ensuring you are HOLDING your alignment and your body is functioning at its optimum.


How Does UC Care Impact My Heart Health?

Upper cervical care provides a gentle adjustment/correction of the top two bones (Atlas and Axis) of the spine. This correction allows the body to function as intended, healing from the inside out. 

When the body is aligned it is also able to move as intended. Less pain and more mobility mean that the body is empowered to participate in and enjoy daily physical exercise. This allows you to increase strength, mobility, and endurance, creating a cycle of healthy living and exercise.

Regular upper cervical checkups to ensure you are holding your alignment can help reduce pain throughout the body. Low back, neck, shoulder, head, and even sciatic pain can be relieved if you are holding your alignment. This allows you to enjoy more pain-free and stress-free days.

Speaking of stress, did you know that upper cervical care has also been proven effective in stress management? If you suffer from anxiety or are seeking a way to cope with the everyday stressors of life, upper cervical care works to provide relief for the body and mind. 

High blood pressure is the #1 cause of heart disease. Manage your blood pressure with the help of upper cervical care. Recent studies have shown that regular care from your UC provider helps to reduce blood pressure naturally.


Take Control of Your Heart Health

There’s never been a better time to take control of your heart health. Upper cervical care is a natural, drug-free, pain-free way to improve body function and promote a healthy cardiovascular system. Love your heart this Valentine’s Day and schedule an appointment today.

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