What we learned from the pandemic

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We hope so! We here at Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care of Spartanburg have learned a lot! Chief among them: health and wellness are crucial to not only your
physical well-being but your mental health as well. In truth, mental health has been a popular topic among many physicians as one’s mental health can affect one’s physiological health and vice versa.
So many of our patient testimonials (read them here!) bear witness to the fact that their increased mobility and lack of chronic pain have resulted in a better mental state.
Simply put: when you feel better you feel happier. Lack of health and wellness can lead to depression or lack of mental wellness.
Let us put it in terms that we can all understand, given the past 18 months of occasional isolation and separation. We need
healthy relationships, and when we are separated from our loved ones or even from an active routine of social gatherings, we can suffer anxiety or depression.
In the same vein, a lack of health and wellness and sideline us in building those interpersonal relationships so crucial to mental health.
Has chronic pain left you unable to play with the grandkids? Has the migraine cost you an opportunity for a weekend retreat? Have allergy symptoms kept you inside at a family reunion?
Chiropractic care can help with all of these! At Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Spartanburg, our chiropractors and staff love to see their patients succeed at living their best life and investing in the familial relationships and friendships all around them.
Don’t let pain, discomfort, or any other physical malady keep you from living a full, happy life.

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